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I am currently navigating these blog discussion boards to figure out how to post the Digital SLR photos I take with my Nikon onto their own Page/Tab. Until then, I wanted to share a photo I snapped (and edited) while scouting this epic sunset location I’d been to, but could not remember for the life of me how to get back to. And we found it! And no, I wasn’t successful getting a sunset shot. But, while I was finagling with my camera’s Manual settings in order to catch that setting sun, I turned around and saw this scenic ambiance framing the path we took in, leading us toward the ocean. Here we are looking North East into California from a La Jolla cliff in San Diego. If you click on it, you will see more detail. Jan152015_1938January 15, 2015 around 5:00pm.

PJ-AY034_betsy1_G_20101117213712 Betsey Johnson is my girl. I have always thought, as an individual character, Betsey was sooooo unique. And she made herself successful based on that, and has such an out of this world brain that has steadily continued to put its signature on everything it does. In one of my required community college classes (Intro to Textiles) my end project was (chosen by student) to design the interior of an RV (motor home) for Ms Betsey, with RV floor plan colored in and all. I based it off her New Mexico oasis, and her NY flat. I don’t know where the picture of it is, but I’m on a mission to find it here soon. I will post below this paragraph if I ever find it. And, fun fact: she’s been known to show off her splits skills at the end of her runway shows.

Here nor there…I cannot for the life of me remember where I stumbled upon a video of Ms. Betsey Johnson saying, “I think designers, if they’re called designers, will have to be scientists in the future.” I agree! There have been so many times where I am on a mission for a certain color, or fabric, or design and I just can’t find it out there in the retail world. I’m a picky woman.

I can only imagine the excitement it brings to someone who makes fashion daily, and has the ability to possibly meet with these scientists. Talk about making leaps and bounds in your life for evolution. I definitely think cotton, leather, denim, silk, wool and fur need not go anywhere anytime soon though. Here’s the article: Future Fashions Are Not Quite Ready To Wear.

paris-cafe-society-david-lloyd-gloverGrowing up as more of a “Northern California Girl” I always felt like I needed to experience Southern California for all it obviously had to offer. When the right time was though, was the question. At a certain point when I wasn’t able to make the move to Santa Barbara City College after high school to play soccer while attending classes, and needing time to work, I knew the move would have to come later after I had time to learn how to be an actual self-supporting and world-maneuvering adult. Flash forward to wrapping up community college in Northern California (at age 24) when I had the choice to apply to Sacramento State University or the quixotic destination school: San Diego State University. I only had a few schools in the state I could apply to with my major. The other two being Long Beach and Chico State. Never had a thing for Long Beach and I definitely didn’t want to stay in Northern California at Chico. So I applied to SDSU. I did not get accepted my first time… waited a year and finally got accepted. I knew my life was about to change when I first read that letter. I screamed with joy. But boy did I have some rude awakenings coming my way. That’s a story for another time. But needless to say, all the tribulations have been more than worth it. I absolutely love the ocean and weather here, and more than that my love for California, no matter where, persists. I love being able to go back to Northern California where my family is and still enjoy that climate and scenery. The question that remains for me, now that I will be graduating in 4 months is: Where to next? Or do I want to move? This is also a topic for another time, but I have so many darn hobbies, interests, talents, and skills, now that I have done my time in the state school system, that I almost feel hesitant to lock myself into one thing! I truly would love to create my own business. And of course, the spa will always be on my brain until I have the means to bring it to fruition. But until then, and while in Europe (for 2 months!) after I graduate, I will be continuing to look at jobs along the southern west coast of California, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, and heck maybe even Italy. Why not? I’ve got nothing tying me to one place. So, by perusing business’ websites and looking at their job opportunity sections and eventually applying to a few, we will have to just wait and see where I land! …Or that’s the plan for now.

Check out this interesting article about what it means for a city’s future when it comes to where college graduates decide to make their home base after they graduate: Where Young College Graduates Are Choosing to Live – My favorite line in the article was by an Economist professor at Harvard, “The most successful economic development policy is to attract and retain smart people and then get out of their way.” Hah! Awesome. I agree. Have we let that happen yet? Or is smart relative?

I’m on a mission to replicate what is called the Horizon Illusion…that moment when the moon is rising in the East and it looks gigantic and as it floats across the sky’s atmospheric globe shape it gets smaller…It’s called the Horizon Illusion. Look it up. In the meantime…

What I am starting to love about taking photos with a DSLR is that what I see, me (my eye), in real life and what I would like to reproduce in a photographic image according to what I see is starting to be able to happen. Yes, I am a newbie. The iPhone can’t always catch those pretty night time photos, but with patience, some knowledge and a lot of playing around (on my front porch) … I can get that shot of the moon rise and how my eyes are really seeing it. Gearing up for the next full moon with the Digital Camera. Click on it.Jan072015_2012

I work at a sports bar. I have for almost 3 years now. And its a BIG one. Two floors. 38 TVs. In the middle of the small town called Pacific Beach in San Diego along the coast. It’s a young party town. Bums included. And having been submerged in it – amongst the masses of human behaviors – behavioral psychology and cognitive sciences fascinate me. I sometimes trip up on how I am even acting toward someone and why. It’s like a jungle out there. It all happens so fast, and people are so personal. And emotional. Girls and guys. Hence the fighting. Hence the passion behind sports fanatics. Hence the scandals that happen late at night after the games are over and the beats are droppin’. Liquid courage takes on a new face. And as a sober human, with the hired talent of “good judgment” (and organization) I am here to supply the drug, babysit the kids, and clean up the party. Oh and add in the variable of money and it’s psychological effect on inhibitions. I try to be positive. But in my role, three years time is enough. Let’s just say I can’t wait to graduate college from this section of town.

Check out this enlightening talk about how questioning our intuitions is a vast field being explored right now. Dan Ariely is a fascinating man himself.

I’m an official fan of hers after this beautiful piece. So glad she finally did a film like this. SO much wisdom. A person with God-given talents who at the end of the day is human. I love how artistically it was done – especially because, as she says, she has the abilities to make her own dreams come true. Wouldn’t you portray yourself in the way you want to too? So artistic, so infinite, and so full of love. ‪#transcendental‬

My favorite line in the eleven and a half minute movie: “I’ve always considered myself a feminist, although I was always afraid of that word because people put so much on it. When honestly its very simple its just you know  a person that believes in equality for men and women. Men and women balance each other out and we have to get to a point where we are comfortable with appreciating each other.”

BOOM. I mean what else is there to say? That’s real.

She says a lot of other insightful things. I suggest a tune in. Life’s got me tripping on what is transcendental these days. Be aware of your actions, hmm.

First thing to do, read the following article link. Then come back to my post and see what I had to say on this topic. And then best yet!…leave me your feedback. Give it to me!

The Side Effect Of Birth Control No One Ever Talks About.

My original response on Facebook to this, in an all-too informal Cali-girl accent was…”Tryn’a help my economy yoo ;)”

But seriously. Why is this not a dead ringer “duh”? I mean, c’mon. After seeing my own parents marriage fail, girls who depended on men all too much, and multiple friends who birthed children at a young age and then figuring out at my own young age I’ve got shit ‘ta do!…then that would mean that if I haven’t caught one of those ships yet, I’m going to try and catch the: “go in debt, learn a skill like a mother fucker, and then take multiple risks – fail a few times – and then make it doing one or some of those skills…and thennn have your offspring” boat. ::long sigh:: All I want is for my kids to feel safe. And I would like to give my kids more than I had, like any parent. I’m not talking about tangibility, I am talking about the ability to use things that are tangible in order to have experiences on this planet like no other. Things you can only dream of. I see the future. And it will look like something rad, something futuristic, that I can’t imagine actually. But it will be great, and it will take a great couple centuries of youth who understand a particular importance; the importance of starting on a solid grounding before jumping into a territory of love for selfish reasons. You don’t need that baby hunny, you need a smack on the face, a therapist, a goal and a massage. But hey, shit does happen. Till then, keep on keepin’ on and take preventative care of yourself.

That might have been a manipulative rant, but we all get dealt a set of cards as a good friend of mine once said. If we can help our young ladies figure this dream out at a young age, (seeing the world/gaining knowledge with no strings attached) then I think we have a very bright future. What the devil may do is another story this positivist doesn’t care to give the time of day to. Yes on Peace.

And in an all too ironic sign-off “Je suis Charlie.” We are you. Freedom of speech for all!