Ok ok ok ok ok! This subject! DNA!


I don’t know where to start with how fascinated I am by this article. For so many reasons. One, I’ll start with the how fascinating it is in the first place that my soul called me to this place on the planet. Within my some of my work and travels, when people ask me where I am from, I simply say The States, or California. If it was someone in California asking me where I was from exactly in California, I could never really answered because I lived all of north and south for 7+/- years of my life. If we go in deeper to the, always curious, question of “What are you?” meaning what known ethnicity lines do you have a running through you. Which always feels like a compliment, right? I know I’m not alone in getting asked this question. I was asked this a lot when working at a sports bar where customers moved by the 100s per day or as a taxista for Lyft when “strangers” would get in my car and strike conversation. 

My reply is always: (in this order) Irish, Mexican, Swedish and Cherokee. This has always been a topic in my family, mostly on my mom’s side and I know a little about my fathers to know that his parents were Irish and Mexican. What part of Mexico though? Where were those Central American’s from? So fascinating. Then, how much Cherokee do I have running through me? What do I not know that I have in me?

What fascinates me about this science, and the article talked about it, is that this is sort of opening a can of worms while equally (my hope) improving the way we recognize ourselves and neighbors but also moves mankind in to having a kinder history. More acceptance, more evolving, more accountability. 

Something I kept thinking of throughout reading this article was, how many times have you heard the stories about people who’s attitude toward interbreeding races is bad? Is this why? Gets you thinking where this type of viewing the world would come from, primally?

We’re opening a can of worms to the good and evil on this planet, there are people who are going to do wicked crazy things like the article mentioned … like diving dumpsters for DNA. Ew. & Not okay.

If I strike it rich, I am going to gift all members of immediate family a DNA test. Until then it’s on my highest priority to purchase for myself in the least. Then my two Grandma’s. As morbid as it sounds, the test only really works with live DNA.

This article has reminded me for my desire to attach my future families heritage back into European bloodline, for so many personal reasons. How cool is it though to evolve as a human in this way of choosing who you love, the person your beating heart is drawn to? We come from a cruel, ignorant, evolving past. We move forward with knowledge and better development.

Have you done a DNA test? What did it come out as?! Tell me! I’m so curious!