Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog. Below is the down low on who I am:

My name is Sable. I am an American, California raised living in Europe – Barcelona, Spain, specifically.

I am a graduate in the Applied Arts and Sciences Art of Interior Design; A forever student in what I like to deem as constructed habitats and realities. I minored in Environment & Society – aka Sustainability; therefore my passion was found in working toward – and in the least – understanding a lighter more utilitarian footprint. As of now I am a freelance designer, specializing in  space coordination, feng-shui and photography of  interiors and architecture. I travel the world to obtain the best ideas and experiences a person can have, see or use.

I am fascinated by the things that make us feel beautiful and pampered while remaining as natural and creative as possible. Nothing makes more sense to me than taking care of the one planet we live on. And henceforth taking care of our own beings, through what Earth provides for us in food, shelter and clothing.

My ultimate goal is to design and own a sustainable spa. I hope to one day document that happening on this blog. Till then I invite you to follow my interests that will hopefully keep me on the path to bringing my dream to fruition.

In the meantime I have many other interests and aspirations in mind, ones that I see as fully accomplishable and worth the virtual documentation of.

With all that said, enjoy! By clicking on “HOME” you will be directed to my most recent post. Please feel free to comment, for I appreciate feedback, opinions and the chance to learn from another as well.

— Sable