Aqua Star Spa @ The Beverly Hilton

I tend to treat myself-for my birthday. So, my 23rd birthday I headed down to Los Angeles, California with two friends of mine, to have a birthday weekend to remember. And that I did. I’ll leave out the minor details and get to the major. A spa experience was at the top of the trip’s list; the choice being: the glorified Beverly Hilton Hotel’s “Aqua Star Spa”.

As I approached the actual hotel, I saw the floor to ceiling, wall to wall, glass doors and windows that encompassed the roundabout area where I was dropped off. I entered the premises to take a stroll through the building, down the stairs, and into the lair for the spoiled. Opening the vault-like door I came to understand the reasoning for such a thing: seclusion, a safe entrance to another world, and peace of mind. I was greeted and checked in by a lovely, knowledgable staff member. Well-timed was the approach of the massuse who would be conducting the start of my stay at The Aqua Star Spa. Gentle in her approach, and swift in the explanation of our itenerary I was escorted to the changing room where I put on a fluffy robe, slippers and checked my worries at my locker.

Respectable and soft in her touch at the same time, I’d never felt the feeling, when my eyes are closed, that I could see and feel the tension being released through rainbow colored, smoke-like energy bursts out of my body. It was an incredible feeling of physical liberation. I sensed the root of my passions rationalization.

After my massage I headed to get a facial. Something I’d never been quite interested in, but am now coming to the age of understanding the importance of doing, as my face slowly shows it’s earned wisdom. It was absolutely delectable to the skins nourish-seeking taste buds. Not only did I receive a physically beneficial service but of greater value, my esthetician shared her knowledge with me as I kept to my inquisitive ways. 

I took to the lounging room to enjoy my stay a bit longer with a cup of tea and a small biscuit cookie while relishing in my replenished body in the peaceful ambiance of the texturized yet simple room. 

I changed into my clothes and decided to top my experience off by lounging pool side to soak in some southern California rays.

For a first time, full-on spa experience in such a prestigious area and hotel, I feel like I got an experience that sets a standard  and was well worth my money. I appreciated the neutral territory and atmosphere most of all-it kept me focusing within myself while not thinking about a single thing.