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This is somewhat of a post to those who think you’ve got to be in shape to be at the gym. My physique may be in a “small” shape but these muscles couldn’t out run a zombie apocalypse if their life depended on it. Funny bc I’m totally not a zombie nerd (love you Vibeke!). But I am one who has always thought about being as fit as I possibly can be! One life. One body. #healthy = #balanced

I haven’t worked out in 3 months and today I am FEELING it. Please no stairs! 🙅🏻 (& I live on a second story) I am working out with @onefitathlete because I know my body can handle rigorous exercise. This might sound like the typical inspirational story, but im still going to tell it again, if only to inspire one person. There was a man at the gym while I was there who, out of 4 limbs (2 legs, 2 arms) had ONE. I just can’t wrap my head around how hard it must be to not only go thru that but to come to a place where you. are. DOING. IT!! 💪🏼🏃🏻 What’s even crazier is how there are people who have two legs and two arms but choose not to help themselves when their body’s are screaming for the strength, heart and mind training. Like, GO FOR A WALK! …with your new Taylor Swift album. Feel it. Start to wave those arms around. Skip! Let yourself get into it, move that beautiful sinuous, grace-filled body you OWN! Dance in front of your mirror for goodness sake.

I can’t eat any form of wheat flour bread without itching, bloating, getting backed up, or oddly enough feeling angered (anyone else? My girl friend Tati agreed with this the other day). I can’t consume too much of milk products without my stomach hating me. I can’t have coffee because I feel like I’ve burned my stomach to a thin layer that will have a whole in it the next cup I drink – which means any hot, or highly caloric temperatured foods don’t make the cut either. And obviously sugars I try to keep at bay, and I seem to love fats of all kinds right now (probably due to seasonal changes #ayurveda). A new one I am starting to tap into is all the “gums” they add into our food. No wonder my stomach feels like it’s in a knot trying to break something down sometimes, it’s gummy…not exactly an easily decomposable ingredient.

My point is: we’re all battling something when it comes to our health.

I battle keeping it 💯 organic, gluten free and mostly lactose free because that’s all my body will accept without noticeably affecting me and my mental state. Why or how do I know this? Because that’s how in tune I am with my entire body and that important ish.

I also battle with managing to get in exercise because of how busy I am: 2 jobs, one core class (3 units), and coaching girls soccer. But you’re damn sure it’s a priority…even if it’s only 2-3x a week.

Fight back. If you don’t feel great or something is off in your physical, internal or mental equilibrium, I can guarantee if you start with your physical shell you’ll be able to get to the bottom of what you’re not doing right.

I dare you to figure it out.

And trust: when there are all of the chemicals in food that there truly are out there, you’d best learn yourself knowledgable. Read ingredients. Ask Siri questions. Use google. Look up books. Use your resources! Success leaves clues.

Good luck. Go for a walk…one that turns into a dancing skip. 😊❤️

Just north of the state I live in another one of my fellow citizens shot dead nine other of his own mankind and severely hurt 7 others. And it’s a large part of all I can think about.

This very thing keeps happening in the United States. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer but it has to be talked about. I listen to NPR (world news) on the am/fm alarm clock radio all the time, I let it wake me to the world I really do live in …every morning. The way the news reporters deliver this real world stuff can be heavy. But it’s real. And it boggles my mind to think that someone is this far off their rocker where they would rob another beautiful, determined human of their desire to seek knowledge and change the world in whatever way they can – at school. (Or anywhere for that matter!) The gunman asked what everyone’s religion was. What does that matter in the bigger picture? And praise to those who stood firm in their beliefs.

We all have our beliefs but if there is to be one universal concept it should be acceptance. With acceptance comes compassion and the understanding…I feel…of evolution. And we are human so we have that ability in us. Do not judge for you are not the judge. Let others express themselves as they will. So long as we do not harm each other.

We ignore the male who did this bc we want to honor those who were murdered, and I agree!, but what does need to be addressed is the fact that men comprise about 81 percent of all arrests for violent crime and about 63 percent of all arrests for property crime. People have these sick massacre thoughts go through their head. But why? Where did our instructing and child rearing go wrong? It’s time to help our children, our young adults, understand what’s in store for them in terms of the world’s future and why they need to truly find it in them to be at peace with that which they cannot change. If one is to have these thoughts I think it is common sense that they are not okay.

I’m not here to talk politics. I’m just a philosophical chick who wants rainbows in the sky and bunnies hopping around every where. Or something like that. But this is the world we truly live in – and the same moment I captured my pensive self in the Instagram post I linked with this article, I was without an ounce of awareness to this tragedy going on hundreds of miles away – 9 people were shot and murdered at their college. Our realities are all too close in this digital age in my opinion, but it’s high time we use it for good. Have an opinion. Spread and seek knowledge. Be you. Do good. Do not harm another. Accept others and express love and positivity…all day. The rest is just fluffing and the reason we humans need to have governments. Call me a hippie, but love and respect is all we need.

Read the details of the horrific event here: