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381b2f50460f85b7d991de68289fb49eAbsolutley stunning house. I am so excited to have stumbled upon what was at first a couples dream, that then came to fruition. And not only that, but they are designers! A modern day Charles & Ray Eames if you will. A home built for designers….in what sounds like a neat city! Palermo of Buenos Aires, Argentina is now on my travel Bucket List. Worth looking at the pictures AND reading the interview.

Original Buenos Aires Contemporary/Rustic Designer Home


As I continue my education, and I continue along the timeline of “aging” and all that entails with the “learning curve”…aka wising up, and being a part of the informed culture- Food is something that has taken quite the precedence of importance in my life. To me, it all makes sense. We are what we eat. Evolution is real, and does and will have it’s effects. What they are? Well, we are seeing them, but from a standpoint that isn’t so all-seeing. We truly need to grasp the amount of people on this planet and that food is the one thing that makes us all run. We need to be a quality species which means fighting for non-modified foods (plant and animal) because it is quite literally a life and death matter of argument and prioritization. Or it can just be survival of the fittest and may the most knowledgable, informed, and active-who-seek-organic win. ::Smirk spreads across face::

Below you will find a profoundly fascinating and simplistic talk I heard on NPR by a Doctor/Professor at Harvard University about our bodies, the food we eat, and it’s part in modern day sicknesses & diseases.

How Our Stone Age Bodies Struggle To Stay Healthy In Modern Times : NPR.