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I’ve always thought and felt that I would want my children to have the opportunity to travel the world (alongside myself) and attend different schools and/or be independent studies with a teacher here and there, following their little hearts while learning our world’s history past – and looking to the future. Having children is an abstruse idea for me still to this day, but this topic serves to be quite interesting. What if the regimen we so considerately have set forth for our youth isn’t the best way to go about developing those that are our future? It’s quite the subjective topic but worth delving into. Here are two sources that: 1) Explore through experimentation with technology/computers (a form of learned sciences) the cognitive determination of children and 2) A child himself advocating being able to follow his pursuits while adhering to a prescribed curriculum.

Would this give a whole new meaning to the “stay at home mom”? Is this the way of future education? How do your children currently learn if you have any? If you don’t, how would you like to go about it? Or have you thought thus far?

1. What if students learn faster without teachers? –

2. TED Talk by 13 year old Logan Laplante – “Hackschooling”;search%3Alogan%20laplante

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