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Today, was a lazy day. & on this lazy day I got my nails and toes done. A manicure and pedicure-respectively in speech, opposite in time frame. The place of choice, as always, is in downtown Sacramento (the capital of Cali) at Melody’s. Not sure who Melody is. BUT, I do know who Rose is. I’ve known Rose for a good 6 months now. She gets me. She gets my funkier style, my need for change and attention to detail. She’s a delight.

Melody’s is located in a grocery shopping center. One stop, everything you need kind of location. Melody’s aura is a sunshine-y , happy, busy, spa-ish feel. After going a few times they stepped up their artwork which I was quite satisfied by because of the known taste of most asian nail salons; gold frames, white matte frames with a hand that looks like it’s straight out of the 80’s.

Not much more to say about Melody’s besides the fact that downtown Sacramento’s character is a joy to visit, service is sweet and swift and the nail salon’s layout is advantageous for it’s square footage. Even though there are probably 100 nail salons between where I live and downtown Sacramento, I will go to Rose to get my nails prettied up until I possibly can.

Good tips on how to play it safe in the salons when getting those summer nails done!: Do’s and don’ts for fabulous summer feet.


Hello everybody!

My name is Sable. Welcome to my new found, very first blog. Please take a look at the ‘About’ section. You will get a large grasp on what this blog is all about. In the mean time, I will be perusing around California(to start with), stopping into salons, spas and wellness centers alike to bring back what I took from my experience with their business, products and services. I will also keep you updated on healthy recipes, new health and exercise tips and methods, new salon openings, new treatments, designs and everything that pertains to the industry of health and beauty. Stay tuned if you fancy feeling fancy!