Today, was a lazy day. & on this lazy day I got my nails and toes done. A manicure and pedicure-respectively in speech, opposite in time frame. The place of choice, as always, is in downtown Sacramento (the capital of Cali) at Melody’s. Not sure who Melody is. BUT, I do know who Rose is. I’ve known Rose for a good 6 months now. She gets me. She gets my funkier style, my need for change and attention to detail. She’s a delight.

Melody’s is located in a grocery shopping center. One stop, everything you need kind of location. Melody’s aura is a sunshine-y , happy, busy, spa-ish feel. After going a few times they stepped up their artwork which I was quite satisfied by because of the known taste of most asian nail salons; gold frames, white matte frames with a hand that looks like it’s straight out of the 80’s.

Not much more to say about Melody’s besides the fact that downtown Sacramento’s character is a joy to visit, service is sweet and swift and the nail salon’s layout is advantageous for it’s square footage. Even though there are probably 100 nail salons between where I live and downtown Sacramento, I will go to Rose to get my nails prettied up until I possibly can.

Good tips on how to play it safe in the salons when getting those summer nails done!: Do’s and don’ts for fabulous summer feet.