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376887-svetik There’s a story, and then there’s the person who tells it. Suzy Hansen is the person of this hour for me. Not only was this article an informative, intriguing and relevant read for me but the way in which she captivated my attention with how informed and aware she was of the economic climate in Greece is awe-inspiring. It is women like her that inspire me. I’m currently reading more about her, past articles she has written and anxiously awaiting her book to be released. As a soon to be vagabond, jaunting from Miami, to New York, to Paris, to Amsterdam and then down to Italy (or something like that…stay tuned), I find it very pertinent that I understand as much as I can about the continent I am traveling to – especially the monetary state of it’s affairs. It’s a fascinating subject. The whole continent of Europe works under one form of currency, the “euro”, but the country of Greece is so bad off that they (Yanis Varoufakis, Greece’s finance minister) are considering exiting the eurozone because Varoufakis does not believe acquiescing to the European Commission’s idea of the austerity doctrine is going to benefit Greece anytime soon, and time is the last thing Greece has in order to get things fixed before something worse than the Great Depression happens to them. It’s yet another enlightening read, if you happen to have any interest in traveling, global economics, or at the least, how one woman writes so intelligently. Here’s the article: A Finance Minister Fit for a Greek Tragedy? –

First thing to do, read the following article link. Then come back to my post and see what I had to say on this topic. And then best yet!…leave me your feedback. Give it to me!

The Side Effect Of Birth Control No One Ever Talks About.

My original response on Facebook to this, in an all-too informal Cali-girl accent was…”Tryn’a help my economy yoo ;)”

But seriously. Why is this not a dead ringer “duh”? I mean, c’mon. After seeing my own parents marriage fail, girls who depended on men all too much, and multiple friends who birthed children at a young age and then figuring out at my own young age I’ve got shit ‘ta do!…then that would mean that if I haven’t caught one of those ships yet, I’m going to try and catch the: “go in debt, learn a skill like a mother fucker, and then take multiple risks – fail a few times – and then make it doing one or some of those skills…and thennn have your offspring” boat. ::long sigh:: All I want is for my kids to feel safe. And I would like to give my kids more than I had, like any parent. I’m not talking about tangibility, I am talking about the ability to use things that are tangible in order to have experiences on this planet like no other. Things you can only dream of. I see the future. And it will look like something rad, something futuristic, that I can’t imagine actually. But it will be great, and it will take a great couple centuries of youth who understand a particular importance; the importance of starting on a solid grounding before jumping into a territory of love for selfish reasons. You don’t need that baby hunny, you need a smack on the face, a therapist, a goal and a massage. But hey, shit does happen. Till then, keep on keepin’ on and take preventative care of yourself.

That might have been a manipulative rant, but we all get dealt a set of cards as a good friend of mine once said. If we can help our young ladies figure this dream out at a young age, (seeing the world/gaining knowledge with no strings attached) then I think we have a very bright future. What the devil may do is another story this positivist doesn’t care to give the time of day to. Yes on Peace.

And in an all too ironic sign-off “Je suis Charlie.” We are you. Freedom of speech for all!