I work at a sports bar. I have for almost 3 years now. And its a BIG one. Two floors. 38 TVs. In the middle of the small town called Pacific Beach in San Diego along the coast. It’s a young party town. Bums included. And having been submerged in it – amongst the masses of human behaviors – behavioral psychology and cognitive sciences fascinate me. I sometimes trip up on how I am even acting toward someone and why. It’s like a jungle out there. It all happens so fast, and people are so personal. And emotional. Girls and guys. Hence the fighting. Hence the passion behind sports fanatics. Hence the scandals that happen late at night after the games are over and the beats are droppin’. Liquid courage takes on a new face. And as a sober human, with the hired talent of “good judgment” (and organization) I am here to supply the drug, babysit the kids, and clean up the party. Oh and add in the variable of money and it’s psychological effect on inhibitions. I try to be positive. But in my role, three years time is enough. Let’s just say I can’t wait to graduate college from this section of town.

Check out this enlightening talk about how questioning our intuitions is a vast field being explored right now. Dan Ariely is a fascinating man himself.