PJ-AY034_betsy1_G_20101117213712 Betsey Johnson is my girl. I have always thought, as an individual character, Betsey was sooooo unique. And she made herself successful based on that, and has such an out of this world brain that has steadily continued to put its signature on everything it does. In one of my required community college classes (Intro to Textiles) my end project was (chosen by student) to design the interior of an RV (motor home) for Ms Betsey, with RV floor plan colored in and all. I based it off her New Mexico oasis, and her NY flat. I don’t know where the picture of it is, but I’m on a mission to find it here soon. I will post below this paragraph if I ever find it. And, fun fact: she’s been known to show off her splits skills at the end of her runway shows.

Here nor there…I cannot for the life of me remember where I stumbled upon a video of Ms. Betsey Johnson saying, “I think designers, if they’re called designers, will have to be scientists in the future.” I agree! There have been so many times where I am on a mission for a certain color, or fabric, or design and I just can’t find it out there in the retail world. I’m a picky woman.

I can only imagine the excitement it brings to someone who makes fashion daily, and has the ability to possibly meet with these scientists. Talk about making leaps and bounds in your life for evolution. I definitely think cotton, leather, denim, silk, wool and fur need not go anywhere anytime soon though. Here’s the article: Future Fashions Are Not Quite Ready To Wear.