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Every year, and every so often, I like to treat myself to some type of spa experience on the day of my birthday. This year I wanted to finally get around to visiting this place called Cocoon Float. It basically is what it sounds like. You float in a white bubble tank for 60 minutes. It’s technically called a “Sensory Deprivation Tank”. A tank filled with Epsom Salt, a mineral made of magnesium and sulfate. Have you ever heard how good it is for you to take a salt bath to relax muscles? Because Epsom Salt creates the absence of gravity for a human body when combined with water, the stress and tensions that are released when enjoyed for 60 minutes is incredible; incredible in nutrients for the body to absorb, and incredible in experience. Sensory Deprivation is knocking out one Western ailment after another. Interesting.

Allow me to explain my experience.

The business is located in Hillcrest of San Diego, California. It’s three stories up on a corner building. No signage that I could visibly see unfortunately. I found my way and walked into this serene and quaint white lobby environment where I am politely greeted. Within checking in you are handed an iPad and headphones to watch a 5 minute video on how you will navigate your experience and what to expect. It was a cute cartoon, informative and flew by. Basically, the goal is to try and 100% relax…and see how that feels. Queue spooky transcendental vibe music. Not going to lie, I may or may not have felt a bit of a sexual vibe in how free this felt at one point.

I was walked to one of the back rooms (there are only 2 cocoons), and was explained the more hands on procedures of how to operate the tank and how the lights will be turned down. I was told to put my earplugs in before I touch anything wet. This is pretty much where the experience began. My plugs were in, all went quiet. I turned on the shower to warm it up. I slid out of my clothes. Stepped in to the shower, and used the body wash in my palm to clean and then rinse. Turned the shower off. Stepped down, and walked thethree steps to the cocoon, put one leg in (water went up to right under my knee), grabbed the hood of the cocoon, stepped my other leg in, and kneeled as I pulled down the hood over me, enveloping me into this surreal experience.

So I plant my butt down, or tried. But since there is an absence of gravity I gently leaned back and allowed my body to be lifted to the surface of the water. The tank was filled with a glowing blue light that bounced off the white lacquered bulbous tank walls and water. There were two buttons I had control over. The light and the music. I wanted both on. And I wanted to close my eyes.

The whole reason this is worth writing about is: if you can possibly get to the zone where you are 100% relaxed, it’s otherworldly. You’re awake but your somewhere else – thinking. About entirely subconscious things. I felt very happy and lifted after my time spent in the tank. (And slept great the next few days) I was amazed that I was able to get to that place – because trust me, it took focus. And within that focus I relaxed a bit more every other minute. Once my mind finally let go, as in I was in another realm not thinking about how I’m thinking, it was probably a good 20 minutes I was there. However, it was one of those moments where you feel like you literally just went to sleep two minutes ago – but I was really just relaxed because I was floating. It was a really cool feeling. A lot happened in my mind in this 20 minutes while at the same time nothing happened. It was the sensation of floating that brought this all home. A sensation more people should try… and I hope more find worthy of experiencing for oneself.

While we’re on water and relaxation, my boss told me about this form of water therapy called ‘Watsu‘. That’s the definition link and here’s an actual experience. Check those links out! That’s what I’m on the hunt to experience now.

Sidenote: About blue light: …Findings confirm that blue light at night stimulates alertness and diminishes the feeling of being drowsy (i.e. awake), interfering with sleep. Exposure to blue light during the day, however, results in a similar, more welcome boost to alertness and reduction to fatigue, which stand to benefit both daytime function and nighttime rest¹. So this paradox to how I felt in the tank is beyond me. Like I said, I was awake, but so relaxed some may call it sleep because we don’t know anything else other than sleep. Or do I now? Re-queue spooky vibes.

It may be 4 months since I stepped foot into this place that I am about to gush over (insert nostalgia), but it’s places like this that leave that magical and memorable impressions on your life…especially when you are in a foreign city, far far away from home and anyone or anything you know…having the time of your life.

Stepping into Aire Ancient Baths – whether it was the one I went to in New York two weeks earlier or their big sister spa in Barcelona, Spain – they both felt like I was entering into another realm…a feeling everyone should treat themselves to in this all too real world.

On this special day, my travel mate Kyle decided to join me for a spa day experience…something even a guys-guy like himself admitted to his buddies was pretty awesome. Being in Barcelona means a lot of walking. And if you’re not walking everywhere, you’re doing it wrong in my opinion. So we took the short 15 minute walk across the city from our place at @balcony_barcelona and lone behold we approached the inviting entrance of Aire.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Aire really knows how to set the mood. The moment you step foot over the threshold of that singular, solid, and grand wood door your experience begins. The lobby is dark. Vaulted. And warm from all the steam rising from the underground baths, sultry showers, steamy steam rooms, and saunas alike. And it must be mentioned that Barcelona in the summer is it’s own sauna in itself. The humidity there was real people. Two to three showers were taken a day. Short and cold ones that is. This particular spa was quite a bit busier than the one in New York, so more bodies meant more steam as well.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
We were quickly checked in and escorted back to the mens and women’s locker room where we changed into our bathing suits and robes. Kyle and I met outside the locker rooms by the stairwell that we would then ascend into the dark, steamy and might I say romantic depths of Aire. I must say, this is a wonderful treat to experience with someone else you adore at your side. It is so relaxing. You don’t even have to talk but just enjoy the silence together, sip on provided tea and water while waiting for your treatment is otherworldly pleasurable. I mean, to describe what this underground world looked like would have to be like a magical chamber. Brick walls with candles inset into them flickering every so softly with Moroccan lanterns scattered throughout. The ground was wet every where. Robes were hanging on assigned walls. Long walkways. Glassed in rooms where you’d find your next bathing experience whether it was a warm pool, ice bath, jet pool, sauna or salt pool. Truly enrapturing. It just leaves you asking yourself why more places like this don’t exist because it is so darn relaxing.


So after going through the motions of one bath to the next, the sauna to the steam room, we were approached by a woman who escorted us to the area where our 30 minute massages were to take place. I opted for a foot and shoulder massage while Kyle received a Swedish massage. I have to say that this was not one of the best massages I have received. It was more like I was being tickled. Not what I was looking for after walking the streets of the world for the last 3 weeks. Here nor there, we carried out our time in the jet pool, sipped some more tea and then showered off and headed back into the locker room to put ourselves back together in order to step back out into the real world.

IMG_8776It was a magical day that I will never forget and hold dear to my heart. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities I have been to. The relaxed vibe throughout the city, the friendly people, all of the art I saw, the classic preserved architecture and the yummy food sold me. I look forward to stopping into this city in the near future and I encourage you to take an afternoon and treat yourself to an Aire Ancient Baths experience. They have 5 locations throughout the world. Two down for me, 3 to go!


<p><a href=”″>TEASER &quot;The AIRE experience&quot;</a> from <a href=””>AIRE Ancient Baths</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Just north of the state I live in another one of my fellow citizens shot dead nine other of his own mankind and severely hurt 7 others. And it’s a large part of all I can think about.

This very thing keeps happening in the United States. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer but it has to be talked about. I listen to NPR (world news) on the am/fm alarm clock radio all the time, I let it wake me to the world I really do live in …every morning. The way the news reporters deliver this real world stuff can be heavy. But it’s real. And it boggles my mind to think that someone is this far off their rocker where they would rob another beautiful, determined human of their desire to seek knowledge and change the world in whatever way they can – at school. (Or anywhere for that matter!) The gunman asked what everyone’s religion was. What does that matter in the bigger picture? And praise to those who stood firm in their beliefs.

We all have our beliefs but if there is to be one universal concept it should be acceptance. With acceptance comes compassion and the understanding…I feel…of evolution. And we are human so we have that ability in us. Do not judge for you are not the judge. Let others express themselves as they will. So long as we do not harm each other.

We ignore the male who did this bc we want to honor those who were murdered, and I agree!, but what does need to be addressed is the fact that men comprise about 81 percent of all arrests for violent crime and about 63 percent of all arrests for property crime. People have these sick massacre thoughts go through their head. But why? Where did our instructing and child rearing go wrong? It’s time to help our children, our young adults, understand what’s in store for them in terms of the world’s future and why they need to truly find it in them to be at peace with that which they cannot change. If one is to have these thoughts I think it is common sense that they are not okay.

I’m not here to talk politics. I’m just a philosophical chick who wants rainbows in the sky and bunnies hopping around every where. Or something like that. But this is the world we truly live in – and the same moment I captured my pensive self in the Instagram post I linked with this article, I was without an ounce of awareness to this tragedy going on hundreds of miles away – 9 people were shot and murdered at their college. Our realities are all too close in this digital age in my opinion, but it’s high time we use it for good. Have an opinion. Spread and seek knowledge. Be you. Do good. Do not harm another. Accept others and express love and positivity…all day. The rest is just fluffing and the reason we humans need to have governments. Call me a hippie, but love and respect is all we need.

Read the details of the horrific event here:

I am totally a breakfast person. Eggs, bacon, brussels, salad…protein and veggies, the whole set up. However, there are those mornings where you wake and you’re just not into eating before you have to head out of the house. But we all know that getting something into your metabolism first thing is the best way to set your body up for success. So who has time to be cooking well-rounded meals? Well, me, sometimes. Other times I don’t. My roommate is crazy about yogurt, so her and I have been talking. Fage (hardly any ingredients), the Greek yogurt, is my go-to for smoothies and a sour-cream substitute normally, but I was interested in getting a smaller packaged on-the-go yogurt into the fridge.

However, if you haven’t seen, the grocery store has about a mile long section to choose from. That can be a bit daunting. Especially when someone like myself tries to keep things one-hundred, gmo-free and organic. Having a healthy gut though, and something quick to grab in the fridge and get in me suddenly became very important. So my next trip to the grocery store meant spending 10 minutes in the yogurt isle, being “that girl” and sifting through each yogurt brand, it’s ingredients, comparing ingredients, putting yogurts back that had way too much sugar, ingredients, gums, and so on and so forth.

Finally I stumbled on “siggi’s” an Icelandic yogurt called “skyr” (skeer). Basically it is made by incubating skim milk with live active cultures. The whey, the water naturally found in milk, is then strained away to make for a much thicker, creamier, concentrated yogurt. It’s said to be similar to greek yogurt but with a milder taste. And don’t expect it to be sweet. They add a little cane sugar and have some varieties with added fruit. However if you would like it to be sweeter I suggest a little swirl-in of honey.

It has 5 ingredients: Pasteurized Skim Milk, Berries, Cane Sugar, Fruit Pectin and the invaluable Live Active Cultures (which are listed). I’m officially a fan. It doesn’t have either of the organic or non-gmo labels but it has the least ingredients, and the most important ingredients and levels: In a 5.3 oz cup you have the ever-important cultures, 20% calcium, 14g of protein, 11g of sugar (just fine when it comes to yogurt because milk has naturally occurring sugars along with berries), and is from cows that are grass-fed and not given any hormones.

In a world with so many options, and with so many friends tuning into what GMO’s are, why it’s important to eat as organic as you can, and so many friends turning vegan, I wanted to share which product you should be pulling off the shelf without having to do the leg work….now that I’ve done it for you. 😉 I’m not a vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian but I don’t eat red meat and these days hardly eat any chicken. Sounds like I might be on my way to being a pescatarian. However I do love eggs and some milder dairy products.

Siggi’s has a great, honest, story that’s worth the quick read and backing. Click their name and pick one up for yourself to try. I purchased mine at my local Von’s (Safeway).

I get it, I’m a lucky dog to even be able to complain about how absolutely insanely sore a certain muscle in my inner and upper calves are. I get it. But I put my mind to this. I booked a few flights. Made a few contacts. Established relationships. Relationships with banks, and people. And now I never want to return to America. Just kidding. Or am I?

All this traveling really does make a what used to be 2-3 days a week gym girl, one day a week a 4-5 mile run chick, and one day a week Bikram yogi turn soft and feel fat and gross; mostly because I am on a time table and agenda I most definitely do not attend to on my American schedule. So with my flem-y cough and fatigued body in-tow, I peddled my way from The Amsterdam Artis Zoo (blog post to come) over to The City Street Spa to escape for a two hour session that encompassed a 60 minute body exfoliating scrub and 60 minute facial. Allow me to go into detail….

I pulled up on my super comfy cruiser bike. I called her Daisy Dew. Locked that baby up and walked into this cute little, and fairly randomly located, shop that extended into a glorious and abundantly lit teal day spa…tiffany blue walls and all – complimented by the a rich mahogany stained exterior.

On my right and left immediately were tall product walls. After that the right beheld the white glassy reception desk. On my left were pedicure stations. Ahead was the two manicure stations. Down the hall on the left was firstly the bathroom, then a treatment room, then the changing room, then my treatment room, a relaxation lounge, and beyond that I did not explore but heard what went on and I believe it was another two treatment rooms…for shorter appointments.

I used the restroom first (tip: go beforehand whether you have to go or not for a pleasant experience), went into changing room, got completely naked and into robe and flip flops. Came out and was promptly directed into my treatment room down the hall – the very next door on the left. It was quaint and the perfectly arranged procedural-room for what was about to ensue.

Firstly, I signed up for the “Special Treatment” called The City Street Spa Detox. It was a two hour treatment. The first procedure consisting of a 60 minute Aromatherapy Detox and Revive session which used seaweed and sunflower oil to scrub away all my gross, dead, travelin’ skin. Then another mademoiselle entered the room to carry out my 60 minute facial which consisted of multiple layers of Dermologica products (uhhhh-mazing), and an oatmeal mask (um, yumm! …definitely asked how to make that one at home, holy wow). I was dozy throughout this treatment, but once I smelt that oatmeal mask on my face I was hungry. Like, need it now hungry. I could feel the nutrients in my face. Crazy how our exterior skin, and the face alike, truly absorb nutrients directly from applied foods.

So, between treatments I was asked to step into the shower that was in the same room. Bright idea to have a quaint little shower in there… It doesn’t disrupt this otherworldly water-filled and sensual 2 hours… it adds to it. I was uninterrupted in this almost hospital like room, but knowing you’re only getting healthier from the stay as well as more relaxed. Sign me up! I was given about 5 minutes and a towel to dry off with. It was lovely to smell the aromas of that scrub meet warm water on my body. My whole body felt like butter after I showered. And with what was close to being a deep-tissue massage performed while I was scrubbed, I was feeling damn good. And now a facial? Unreal. Best decision ever.

I zonked out during my facial. She was good. I’m pretty sure she was Irish. It’s hard to talk while you are getting a facial. I talked a lot more to my masseuse who was cool. Born and raised in Amsterdam. Fairly fluent in English. I could tell our cultural backgrounds and outlooks on life might be different. In a great way. We were enlightening for each other. And she was so knowledgeable. I liked that, especially because it makes me feel like she knows what she’s doing. And I get the most out of my experience…a physically pleasing time as well as a mentally stimulating and enlightening conversation.

Anyways. We all wrapped up, I got to wake up slowly in the relaxation room next to my treatment room. They served me Lipton tea and I grabbed a magazine, that I didn’t open. Tried to get on their wifi to post pictures of this place! (@sablethena) I enjoyed a little time in this sunny room with the sheepskin enveloping my little robe-covered tush.

I checked out after about a half hour of chilling out, and getting dressed. Greeted and thanked by the owner, I signed out, hopped on my bike and headed back to our adorable AirBnB flat. Which I also recommend.

I highly recommend a stop in this beautiful little chill-out spot in Amsterdam. You don’t have to go as big as a I did (I needed it) but it’s “the spot” in Amsterdam, I promise 😉

Cheers to you The City Street Spa in Amsterdam!

After being on a month long adventure where I went in knowing I was going to be able to be myself entirely, and then being accepted for that, I couldn’t agree with this article more. Because well, sometimes we wind up in situations where we have to tiptoe around people and, ew. That was and is the great thing about planning out your life, you can choose the situations you put yourself into, or take yourself out of. However, sometimes sacrifices have to be…that I understand. Any who, I put myself into homes and situations I knew I was going to be comfortable with – the comfort level I know and prefer.

Given, I chose not to backpack across the world without showers or a close-by laundry machine or a with a 50 pound bag on my back..I continued to live the way I do at home. Leisurely. I stayed with friends/family in Miami, New York and Cascais, Portugal, and then we shared our own apartment in Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Lisbon. The person I met up with to travel a few of those places with (Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona), fully understood how I like to live. As he says, he knew what he was getting himself into. Lucky for me, he’s great at reading people. He majored in journalism with a focus in digital media so understanding people is key to what he does for a living. We’ve known of each other through mutual friends for probably 6+ years now? So he’s been able to watch (social media), chat with me about, and comprehend how I carry myself. What I didn’t realize was how special and understood it made me feel to be with someone who let me take care of myself (and be taken care of) how I like to. I think I’ve always tried to come across as low-maintenance. The guys-girl. No more.

Let me just share a bit of my routines….

It’s true I don’t contour my face with makeup, just the tinted sunscreen moisturizer (no wrinkles or sun damage please!) on the face, with accentuated eyes (eyeshadow and mascara), a little blush for rosey high-lighted cheekbones, and maybe some lipstick and liner, or just chapstick. So I may come across as the girl who doesn’t look like I am wearing much makeup but trust that it is there and it takes time. You can also guarantee I am the girl who religiously washes my face, am picky about my products, and brush/flosses day and night, and maybe in between. (I’ve heard successful people floss their teeth. Sticking to it.)

But I also take long showers….so I spend quite a bit of time hanging out in the bathroom. It’s like my own daily spa experience, something I have been exposing myself to more and more lately. I have long hair that needs to be washed appropriately (cool water). I have legs, arms, armpits and a bikini line I have to shave sometimes. I moisturize every part of my body. I tweeze. I usually paint my own nails and toes. I like to give myself a blowout when I dry my hair; it’s so straight it needs that luscious and voluminous volumne you can’t get from air-drying. And hey, sometimes I like to feel girly and curl it. Then there are the days where I don’t wash my hair but I have to use that golden product, dry shampoo, to take away the days buildup of oil. And then comes the styling of that day (or two) old hair. Time.

I could easily (or maybe more like painfully, for me) run out of the house with just brushing my teeth and throwing my hair up, but that is not the essence of my soul or how I prefer to treat the one vessel I have been given. I am an artist by nature in the way I live and I choose to express that in how I look, dress and experience life.

I have adamantly worked out since I graduated high school. Another thing that takes time, and is damn worth it. Now at 28 I couldn’t be more comfortable in my sexuality and skin because I’ve worked hard to be where I am at physically, and nutritionally. If I don’t take care of my body, who will? Like this article says, you are treated how you treat yourself. And I refuse to subdue my maintenance levels any longer. I now know what it is like to be with someone who fully accepts and works around/into how I care for myself. And you know what? The level of how much he showed me he cared, was almost unbelievable. If like this article says, those two things correlate, well then I’m joining this #HighMaintenanceMovement.

Booking my next spa appointment very soon. Something this true gentleman I speak of also graciously accompanied me to in Barcelona…at the phenomenal, and surreal, Aire Ancient Baths. And what’s funny, he also just told me that because of our time spent together, he realized the “Princess type”, that he’s dated before, is what he prefers too. It just took him time to figure out and accept. It works for him. And it definitely worked for me. He likes a woman who is assertive, confident and knows how she likes to be treated and who wouldn’t put up with anything less. And she’s also fairly dolled up on the regular? What guy doesn’t like a pretty girl on his arm? None. Or he’s lying.

Click the article link below to hear where I found my inspiration and soundboard for this article.

Why Women Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed To Call Themselves High Maintenance.

New York has such a special place in my heart. This will only be the second time I have been. Each time has separately been such a a unique and absolutely adorable experience. Every time is so different and still new…and will be for some time to come. Each time I am getting to know the lay of the land that much better. The last time I was here I stayed in the West Vilage area…darling. This time I was in the Midtown East area. A very rich area. I didn’t mind. 😉

So as for the photos from this part of my trip will go…well it’s just photos from the freakishly awesome rooftop my 4 friends in this area had to themselves. Unbelievable. I kept saying what a treasure this was. Like, think if you added up all the rooftops in New York and divided by how many people actually got to enjoy one to themselves.

Side note: The one thing that has been on my mind most while traveling is….the population of each city and then the world’s population….BLOWING MY MIND. Always has. Always will. There are people on the streets. In cars. In buildings. In their homes. In businesses. Underground in the metro system. So many people! Scary almost. Makes me understand why some of these other cities I am going to make sense with their markets on every other corner and bike/moped traffic lanes; small living, if you will.

I think the biggest perk of New York would be that I am American and I speak the language here. I got lost and turned around a few times and asked for help, mostly from females, and found my way. With that said, here are pictures I shot from the rooftop and other spots I popped into or by within my 4 day stay. In the colors I see them! Enjoy 🙂

DSC_0888 DSC_0892 DSC_0889





DSC_0929 DSC_0928

DSC_0943 DSC_0945



The only way to describe my experience at Aire Ancient Baths in New York City is, surreal.

My stay in New York was hosted by my good friend of 6 years, Mikey, whom I worked at a set of venues in Sacramento with when I lived there. He lives in the Midtown East area of New York. You’ll be seeing pictures of his rad spot soon enough (think, rooftop!).

I booked my visit at the Aire Baths for a Monday morning at 9am. Today’s chosen experience was 60 minutes of private yoga (with one other person) and access to the baths. I woke around 7am in order to get to the Tribeca area of town where Aire Ancient Baths is located. It was funny being the girl with a yoga mat on her shoulder walking amongst all these snazzy city slickers on their way to work. Where were all my fellow yogis? I made a turn onto Franklin Street and it was like stepping into a portal. Think like Harry Potter when they jump through a brick wall into a different world. There were still people walking, but it was all very quiet. And being so early in the morning, the lighting was almost ghostly. I was so excited.

Photo creidt: AIre Ancient Baths for sharing. Thank you!

Photo creidt: Aire Ancient Baths for sharing. Thank you!

I walked into the lobby, quite big and welcoming if you ask me, and was kindly greeted by the lone receptionist. That was nice… sometimes you can feel slightly confused about who to talk to when going into these kinds of places. Not the feel you want for your client. She asked me my name, what time my appointment was and if I’d been there before. Shortly there after I was pointed in the direction of the women’s locker room where I was greeted by a woman who showed me to my locker and how to use the really cool locker key/bracelet. It was a rubber band that went around your wrist and you just tapped it on your locker’s handle to lock and unlock it. It was waterproof too so you could wear it while using the facilities.


Photo creidt: Aire Ancient Baths for sharing. Thank you!

After I put my things into my locker I made my journey to the area of the baths that I would be enjoying my 60 minutes of a somewhat Vinyasa flow styled yoga. Vinyasa is just a regulated flow of stretching in accordance to and with focus on the breath. It was just what I needed after a weeks worth of new beds and late nights (Miami & New York).

I walk through the women’s locker room sink area, past the toilet rooms, and through a door that leads me into this supernatural little world. I descend the stairwell, glass and steel banisters and all, and am gracefully greeted by little flickering lights all over this brick clad sanctuary. Blue pools are lighting up my eyes and my way was lead by another woman who showed me to my yoga teacher. We wrapped up our session and my teacher gave me some pointers and I made my way back to the locker room to change into my bathing suit in order to start my bathing experience.

Sidetone: Lucky for me the whole place was empty for that hour, seeing as we performed our session down in the baths area…I wonder where we would have done it had there been multiple people there?

Aire Aincent Baths

Photo creidt: Aire Ancient Baths for sharing. Thank you!

Photo creidt: Aire Ancient Baths for sharing. Thank you!

With the help and ideal-use-instruction of the baths by my yoga teacher Ana, I started my experience in the warm pool in the back. I waded in there just long enough to think about how seriously cool this was, and what my next move would be. From there I went into the hot pool. It was kind of like a jacuzzi but without all the jets (we’re getting there). After walking around this pool and admiring and digesting all of the materials used in this facility to make it so dreamlike, I made my way to the “frigidarium” – a 50 degrees small pool of water. It only accommodated 4 people max. So the sign said. I stepped in, plunged under very quickly and was out. WAY cold. But felt amazing.

Aire-Warm Pool

Warm pool. Photo creidt: Aire Ancient Baths for sharing. Thank you!

Photo creidt: Aire Ancient Baths for sharing. Thank you!

Hot pool. Photo creidt: Aire Ancient Baths for sharing. Thank you!


Frigidariums. Photo creidt: Aire Ancient Baths for sharing. Thank you!


Frigidarium. Photo creidt: Aire Ancient Baths for sharing. Thank you!

After feeling a bit numb, I walked toward the steam room, but not before I served myself some chilled tea that was sitting on a low table, waiting to be drank. These facilities can be quite dehydrating and they encourage the consumption of water and tea always whenever I go.  Onto the steam room I went. Ana suggested I do this before the salt pool so that my pores would open up and I would float better and absorb the salt. Walled in entirely glass, and centered in the facility it was a pleasurable experience to sit on the cedar wood of the steam room and feel drops of water drop down on you as you just breathed in the lush moisture of the air….again, thinking about what an amazing and relaxing experience I was going through. I felt so good.

After hanging out in there for a good 7ish minutes probably, I made the few steps it was over to the salt pool. This was probably my favorite part only because I’ve never experienced floating like this. It was extremely serene, to just float, spin, and practically feel nothing. My thoughts practically escaped me. And that’s rare. I enjoyed this for a good few minutes and then walked over to the jacuzzi. Roaring with jets, and also glassed in, I descended into it’s bubbly depths and pretty much just floated from jet to jet playing around. I was so happy about this purchase. This experience.


Salt bath. Photo creidt: Aire Ancient Baths for sharing. Thank you!

Jacuzzi. Photo creidt: Aire Ancient Baths for sharing. Thank you!

Jacuzzi. Photo creidt: Aire Ancient Baths for sharing. Thank you!

At this point I’d used all the pools and amenities in the room, so I appropriately showered off in one of the small open shower rooms they had down there, grabbed my robe, some more tea and headed back into the women’s locker room. I took another longer shower in there, and readied myself for the day. It was quite nice of them to supply a hair dryer and straightener. The woman who had originally greeted me in the locker room, offered to dry my bathing suit for me which was great. They even had a little machine and bags to put your wet one in.

I made my way back to the front to check out, where it was still quiet as ever, but a little bit sunnier than before. The woman was short and sweet, and I was on my way. I sat in the lobby for a bit, to enjoy that part of the building and to of course, post something on my Instagram. (@sablethena). & then I hit the pavement back to Midtown East to run some errands, feeling more zen than I have in a very long time.

There truly aren’t words for how cool this was and how amazing this felt. It was extraordinary. Extraordinary that the combination of materials, the construction of zones and spaces and the professional abilities of some can bring together such an otherworldly experience for the human race. That is what I love about interior design, and that is why I am so passionate about the spa industry. I believe in treating yourself and rather than always exerting yourself to “stay fit” I believe there is a need to satisfy our centered-ness in the way of enjoying our being in such sensational ways.

The AIRE Ancient Baths is based out of Spain, with locations in 5 cities. I’ll be headed to Barcelona in a week or so, and I’m debating if I’d like to experience the same thing but in a different area. We will see won’t we!

I would like to thank the New York City AIRE Ancient Baths PR department for providing me with the photos you see here on my blog. Thank you for being so accommodating all the way around!

With gratitude,

The end of my 5 and a half day stay in Miami, Florida, ended on the best note possible – in The Florida Keys. While my flight to my next stop (New York) was changed from a 9pm departure to instead leaving the next morning at 6am, everything felt so right the whole trip, and still does. But about The Keys…. DSC_0674DSC_0718DSC_0696 My girl friend, and host, Amanda and I started out on the little road trip through The Keys on a Wednesday afternoon. From Miami I believe it’s about a 3-4 hour trip all the way to the end of The Keys (Key Largo). We first stopped by to check out what all the commotion was in this one little spot…it was a little souvenir-type market (first picture). And then we made our way to a little spot where we could take a dip in the beautifully aqua blue water (photo above). The water really does feel like bath water! Unfortunately there was a lot of trash in the bushes and tress (pictured above). I had to photograph because I’d like to bring attention to this. Littering is not cool. Whatsoever. I need not go into the reasons. Just don’t do it. My concentration in school was Environment & Society, so I’m a bit passionate about it. And that’s my public service announcement for this post. 🙂 After that we met up with our friends who have a house and boat in the Islamorada part of The Keys and headed out for a sunset ride over to a restaurant called Hog’s. We dove into some seafood dip, cracked a little snow crab and enjoyed a little rum while watching Nikki Six do a magic show. (Okay, he only looked like Nikki Six). After that we called it a night and took the star-lit boat journey back to the house to pass out. DSC_0729DSC_0745DSC_0766I had had it on my bucket list to watch an Eastern sunrise over the ocean while I was in Florida so this was my perfect moment. I set an alarm for 5:45am and when it went off I looked over the sofa’s back to see that light blue sky appearing and practically leaped out of the house down to the dock to grab a few photos.. There were a lot of clouds blocking the sun but it still made for some beautiful shots. DSC_0775DSC_0780DSC_0798 I wound up going back to sleep for a little since everyone was still passed out. Once they woke we all made our way to another place along the water called Robbie’s. Had a super garnished Bloody Mary with some biscuits and gravy and eggs…it was mmm mmm good! After that we still had a little time to spend in The Keys before I needed to be back for my “flight”, so we joined our friends while they fished for Tarpon and little bottom feeding sharks. (I guess you have to throw those back in?) While they did that us girls snapped lots of photos and grooved to loud beats on the bow of the boat. DSC_0813DSC_0822

Bridges like this one connect the whole Florida Keys so people can get all the way out to Key Largo.

Bridges like this one connect the whole Florida Keys so people can get all the way out to Key Largo.

DSC_0818DSC_0830With a little time left our friends took us over to a part of the ocean where the sand bed is really shallow so we hopped out there, walked, or more like I floated around (seeing as even at 5’1″ I was still drinking salty water) and then headed back to the house. Amanda and I hit the road back to Miami and the rest is history to be told soon enough! Stay tuned in to where my feet continue to take me…. Next up will be photos from my 4 day adventures in New York! Hope you’re enjoying my little adventures! DSC_0858

Baby Shrimp!

Baby Shrimp!


DSC_0669I would describe the Pinecrest Botanical Gardens in Florida as I would describe myself…short and sweet. And that’s just how this blog post’s text is going to be…fairly short and sweet – because we were probably only there for an hour and a half. But my hope is that these photos I took speak to how insanely luscious these gardens were and what a lovely little jaunt through here it was…especially when enjoying with a loved one. My loved one being my uber accommodating and beautiful new friend Amanda (once a friend of a friend, now a life time partner in crime).

I also have to speak to the cute little neighborhood we drove through to get here. Flat streets with trees that hovered just above the road as a colorful canopy leading the way to this little paradise. Which was actually once the original location of the Parrot Jungle, a theme park started in 1936 until they relocated to the city of Miami‘s Watson Island in 2003.

We arrived. Bought our $5 ticket, studied the map, and went with the flow. Unfortunately all of their butterfly exhibits weren’t active but there were plenty of lizards, turtles, koi, chirping birds, spiders and their webs, and cool plants to keep us entertained. I must mention the humidity. Quite real, as I like to keep saying. If you ever go in the middle of July as I did, I highly recommend wearing practically nothing. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the pictures! …They took me a good minute to edit, whilst on vacation, in order to bring at the colors as I saw them and according to a DSLR camera.