New York has such a special place in my heart. This will only be the second time I have been. Each time has separately been such a a unique and absolutely adorable experience. Every time is so different and still new…and will be for some time to come. Each time I am getting to know the lay of the land that much better. The last time I was here I stayed in the West Vilage area…darling. This time I was in the Midtown East area. A very rich area. I didn’t mind. 😉

So as for the photos from this part of my trip will go…well it’s just photos from the freakishly awesome rooftop my 4 friends in this area had to themselves. Unbelievable. I kept saying what a treasure this was. Like, think if you added up all the rooftops in New York and divided by how many people actually got to enjoy one to themselves.

Side note: The one thing that has been on my mind most while traveling is….the population of each city and then the world’s population….BLOWING MY MIND. Always has. Always will. There are people on the streets. In cars. In buildings. In their homes. In businesses. Underground in the metro system. So many people! Scary almost. Makes me understand why some of these other cities I am going to make sense with their markets on every other corner and bike/moped traffic lanes; small living, if you will.

I think the biggest perk of New York would be that I am American and I speak the language here. I got lost and turned around a few times and asked for help, mostly from females, and found my way. With that said, here are pictures I shot from the rooftop and other spots I popped into or by within my 4 day stay. In the colors I see them! Enjoy 🙂

DSC_0888 DSC_0892 DSC_0889





DSC_0929 DSC_0928

DSC_0943 DSC_0945