Truthfully, I’ve never stayed anywhere that awful…bathroom wise. Have I stayed places that had really crappy bathroom design? Most definitely. And as of right now, here in the Czech Republic, my Airbnb’s bathroom ranks among one of the worst bathrooms I’ve ever stayed in. What’s funny though is that it has maybe 2 or 3 pluses. Those being: sinks that are perfect for both washing hands and washing a face (two very different ergonomic uses – which I will elaborate on in an upcoming post), a towel warmer, and having a bathtub. The downsides being: only overhead lighting, a shower head that doesn’t stay on the wall or anywhere that makes sense, no natural light or window, and a fan that sounds like a space vacune. 

So needless to say my brain has been very hyper focused, more than already, on good bathroom design. When I saw this article in my emails I felt compelled to bring the topic up as the author has put into very succinct wording the logic behind good bathroom lighting.