Today not only marks Americas 239th day of freedom from Britain rule but it also marks the day I liftoff to embark on a month long globe trotting trip. And I couldn’t be more excited or feel more liberated.

I shot these photos with a friend and peer of mine from San Diego State University at the infamous Black’s Beach (an American nude beach) on one of its cliff side mountains. We set out for the short hike early one summer morning a couple weeks ago and went for it. It started out a bit misty and grey with the marine layer… and then the heavens opened up and gave us the most beautiful rich blue colors to work with.

The older I am getting (I’m 28 if you didn’t know) the more I am realizing the short amount of time we are given – and the beauty that truly lies within every little thing, experience, breath, our bodies and string of words. We humans are such creative beings. And I believe that if you let your creativity out in everything you do – you will emanate your true soul…it will be so very evident of who you really are and what you believe in. Which also means tread lightly and be aware of your thoughts and be sure your decisions are made consciously. Set yourself up for success. There is a great quote that I found in a book about spas sometime ago and it went something like, the reason we adorn ourselves is to share with others our inner beauty.

I am not what is considered a typical model but who’s to say I can’t get in front of a camera and capture the physical vessel I have been given and take care of so earnestly? So here I am, expressing myself through the media of photography with the help of my friend Marconi Torres. Take it for what you you’d like. I’m proud of and grateful for every part of my healthy body and greatly appreciate being able to express myself through these virtual mediums. Because, why not!? Documenting life through pictures, journal entries, keepsakes and more, has always meant a lot to me and with encouragement from close friends and family I am finally going to avidly produce content of my #neveradullmoment life.

So with that said, I hope you can appreciate my photos for what they are, an expression of one persons freedom, and can now look at other people and appreciate and take them for what they are trying to emanate. Have a fabulous Fourth of July! & please stay tuned because there will be lots of content happening here in the next 4 weeks. First stop Miami! After that is….well, you’ll just have to wait and see. 😉