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381b2f50460f85b7d991de68289fb49eAbsolutley stunning house. I am so excited to have stumbled upon what was at first a couples dream, that then came to fruition. And not only that, but they are designers! A modern day Charles & Ray Eames if you will. A home built for designers….in what sounds like a neat city! Palermo of Buenos Aires, Argentina is now on my travel Bucket List. Worth looking at the pictures AND reading the interview.

Original Buenos Aires Contemporary/Rustic Designer Home


Amazing! One of the classes I am taking right now is called “The Contemporary House.” In this class we are learning how to design a unique, conceptual, working floor plan along with an entire house. Within the process of design, as interior design students, our Japanese professor educates us on the actual construction of the house’s foundation, the makeup of the walls, the roof’s construction (which has been a big eye opener on the complexity and depth of work an aesthetically successful house takes), and right down to the construction of kitchen cabinetry.

This post on treeHugger has really hit home with how I tend to think, “Why does it have to be done this way?” …A thinker of “nothing is impossible,” I always like questioning the way things work. So being a Sustainability minor, I have to say, “Goodbye drywall!”

This article shares where drywall began, why it was used (cheap), why we should get rid of drywall and how there are designers and architects who refuse to use it and have created seamlessly beautiful spaces.

How did we end up with drywall? : TreeHugger.

Basically the image I wish to portray and feel like at this point in my life. A Pretty College Girl Study On Leaves For Bio Technology Royalty Free Stock Photo, Pictures, Images And Stock Photography. Image 4808273..